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Qing Lian Jian Xian Chuan


Introduction: In the world of Cangyun, immortals and demons are constantly fighting against each other. Xu Changqing was born in Qinglian Sword Valley, and he wanted to be a sword fairy, but the good times didn’t last long. The Ninth Demon General of Cangyue Palace invaded Qinglian Sword Valley. Grandpa Xu Changqing sacrificed. lost. Later, Kunlun Taibai Sword Immortal Qiu Wuya arrived, repelled the demon gate, and brought Xu Changqing and Mu Zixun to Kunlun. All the real people in Kunlun wanted to seize the Qinglian Emperor Sword, but Qiu Wuya stopped them. Xu Changqing awakened his celestial spirit “Chaos Gathering Spirit Monument”, and was accepted as a disciple by Qiu Wuya. In the Immortal Sword Competition, Xu Changqing defeated Xia Qinghou to win the crown and was qualified to enter the forbidden area of ​​Kunlun. In order to find the fountain of immortality that could revive his grandfather, Xu Changqing chose to enter the dangerous forbidden area of ​​Kunlun.

Also known as: 青莲剑仙传 Legend of Lotus Sword Fairy


Status: Ongoing

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